The thrilling adventures of a tall, blonde Canadian!

Oh my where to begin!
We started our day by traveling to the 1000 year old site of Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring. It’s a very sacred site with spring waters that flow into 2 large pools from about 20 ancient chalices.
Today is especially powerful, not only because of the full moon, but because it marks the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. About 10,000 people bathed in these waters today and it was absolutely magical to do so with the beautiful Balinese people.
Hundreds of us waded in the waist deep pool in our sarongs in a long snaking line for about 30 minutes to get to the sacred waters where we let go of old relationships, patterns and energies in our life that no longer serve us and invited new ones in. It was incredibly powerful and beautiful.
The people bring offerings of flowers and incense, and the colors of all these gorgeous flowers floating around us, the butterflies flying about and the koi swimming among us was surreal.
We had a lovely lunch and then went to our first healer- a beautiful woman named Ibu.
We danced and then she went into a trance and had to be helped to sit down where she transformed into an old woman who was a combination of all the ancient ancestors in Bali. It was incredible.
We each had a turn kneeling before her, she held our hands and touched our faces and had some things to say to each of us as this cackling old woman.
When she got to me she said some very specific things- knew exactly what was going on with me. She said it was why I came to Bali and I could leave all my sadness here and it’s not as important as it seemed. She took a long time with me and it was an amazing experience for which I am truly grateful for.
After dancing some more we were blessed by her two at a time. Most of us fell to the ground for a bit and some went into trances.
A couple of gals had strange gutteral sounds shrieking from them. It was wild. She brought them back by flinging water onto them.
Then we went to the temple and said some prayers there. When we finished about 50 bats started swooping all around us overhead- it was so cool and I happen to love bats. They are one of my power animals.
The moon was coming up and you could see the eclipse. I mean could it get any more perfect?
As if that wasn’t enough we went to see a performance of the Kecak Fire dancers.
This is performed by about 50 men and boys and is basically a good versus evil tale involving a strange “cak cak cak cak” chanting with about 7 different rhythmical combinations and the throwing about of fire. Literally great balls of fire being flung and kicked about the stage. Incredible. And a fitting ending to this very powerful day.
My wrist is almost completely healed and I think its remarkable how quickly that happened.
Definitely something in the water!


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