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It’s a Tall, Blonde World

I just spent the last half hour writing a brilliant first blog-then I hit something and it disappeared! Aarrrgh!!!
I am now about to board my flight to Hong Kong. I will attempt to write it again, but of course it won’t be the same. Or, sadly, as brilliant.
I have entered yet another different world!
I am in business class and have my own large cubicle of comfort. An entire spacious corner just for me! There is a large tv screen, headphones, a nice blanket, a real pillow and I’m sure I can fully recline as there is enough leg room for 4 people. Actually room for 4 entire people-not just their legs.
I have a little charging station for all my electronic devices and a glass of champagne is already underway. This is bigger than many office cubicles. I am a happy camper.

The Cathay Pacific lounge at LAX immediately transported me into another dimension. It was a beautiful, long, peaceful collection of continuous spaces with a kitchen, bar, computer bar (20 unused screens) and beautiful lounging areas. This is LAX??!!!
I had the most fantastic pea and mint soup. When I told the attendant how wonderful it was, she brought me more!
My fellow travellers included a robed Buddhist monk, a few businessy men and women,a young family with the quietest child I have never heard and the gently snoring barefoot Asian gentleman across from me-the only Caucasian woman in there and possibly the tallest person in there as well.
I am so grateful to be taking this life altering journey.
Roam Around The World was playing in the lounge-don’t mind if I do!!!