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At the ocean

I forgot to mention the coffee plantation we visited on the first day during the bike tour. It was in a particularly lush and tropical area and we walked through a forest of coffee, cocoa and vanilla “trees”. Im not sure if they were trees but they seemed to be so thats what I’m calling them!
They showed us how to tell the difference between new plants and ones that were ready to harvest.
One of the more interesting types of coffee they had was from a coffee bean that had been eaten by a nocturnal animal called a Lumkat (have to check the name), then shat out and the beans were collected and cleaned, then roasted and made into coffee! I kid you not! I did not sample that one thank you. It’s actually more expensive than the regular coffee.
I did try their coconut latte, ginseng, chocolate and regular coffees which were all pretty fantastic. We had about 8 different kinds to sample and I cannot remember them all.
I can’t really remember what we did on our last day in Ibud! The days are all running into one another and we are experiencing so much.
We are now at the ocean on the beautiful northern shore of Bali. The weather is perfect and the water is too. And of course the beautiful Balinese people’s smiles and spirits continue to bless us.
We had another lovely Melukat water ceremony with Made last night. His devotion to service is inspirational. He hoped that my sadness is leaving. I am amazed that he can know these things even though I am very happy here with this group and in this place. It’s not completely gone but I know that time will help with this healing and again I feel so blessed to be here to help with the transition.
It’s all about ritual and ceremony here in Bali and taking time and honoring the ancestors and spirits and celebrating moon cycles with deep gratitude for it all. Such a completely different way to live than in the Western world. Our healer Ibu told us to bring back this joy to the Western world when we return.
As I lie here on this beautiful beach I am so grateful to not know what’s happening in the world, to not know what day or date it is and to just be.
Sat Nam, So Hum, Namaste!


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